Estádio do Dragão

Estádio do Dragão, home of FC Porto, opened in 2003 and has a 50,033-seats capacity. The stadium is part of a larger sports complex of 3,000 m² including conference halls, malls, restaurants, parking and pools. In 2004, they hosted the Euro 2004 opening match and the stadium was the stage of FC Porto’s journey towards European victory, in the 2003/2004 season.


  • Capacity: 50,033
  • Opened: 16 November 2003
  • Construction cost: €125 million
  • Owner: FC Porto


The ecologic stadium has unique advantages that, supported by green areas and the restructure of surrounding accesses to the sports complex, residential, and commercial areas, turned it into a new centre of Porto. In 2017 Estádio do Dragão was distinguished with the EDP Energy and Environment Award of 2017 for service buildings. The award is aimed at companies that focus on the energy efficiency of their facilities, environmental sustainability, training of employees and the implementation of behavioural measures.


Waste management and environmental facts:

  • 0% of the waste produced to a landfill
  • The implementation of good environmental practices allowed a reduction of 23% in electricity consumption, equivalent to the consumption of 341 households during one year
  • Per month around 4 ton of biodegradable waste is produced (equivalent to approximately 16 kg of good quality fertilizer)
  • Per month 1 ton of glass is produced saving 1200 kg of raw material and about 1 barrel of oil