Innovations in fan experience are the focus of the ESSMA Summit speaker list

Times have changed. Fans encounter fast, individualised and delighting experiences in all aspects of life. Stadiums have to keep up the pace and translate this evolution in delighting fan experiences. As an industry organisation, it’s our mission to inspire you regarding this subject. Therefore, you can find several speakers in our programme who will guide you into incorporating modern trends into stadium-life.


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Netflix specialises in varied content in a formula you can easily start and stop as you wish. Through monthly subscription fees, they have only the certainty of the current month. This strategy makes subscribing easier, giving the customer flexibility and freedom. Remarkably enough, it results in a significant larger and sustainable client base. FC København has translated this strategy in their ticketing formula. Join the ESSMA Summit, take part in the Fan Experience Seminar and learn from Jacob Lauesen about FC København’s Netflix-approach!



Ensuring the safety on a widely-known festival ground with 400.000 excited visitors is quite a challenge. However, the People of Tomorrow never feel pressured, controlled or watched. Stadiums face an equal challenge in ensuring safety and at the same time safeguarding an enjoyable fan experience. Sammy Lakwijk, Head of Safety at Tomorrowland, will talk about the challenge in his keynote presentation. Be sure not to miss it!


Apple Pay

Apple Pay is finding its way into large venues and ticketing streams as a paying mechanism. The tokenisation is the fundamental benefit, which makes purchasing significantly smoother than having to get out all credit card data. Tim Schiefer will share FC Bayern München’s findings during the Stadium Operations Seminar!



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