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Bosch: sponsor of the SMART & Innovation Seminar

Bosch is the proud sponsor of the SMART & Innovation Seminar on Day 2 of the ESSMA Summit. The seminar will kick-off with a presentation by BASIS members Russell Seymour (Sustainability Manager Marylebone Cricket Club) and Michael Lloyd (Deputy Stadium Manager Arsenal FC). They will explain Smart Energy Management with topics including energy reduction, generation and storage. Furthermore, Umut Kutlu, Chief Marketing Officer Besiktas JK, will give insights into the SMART Vodafone Stadium.


During the seminar, Oliver Sahm, Audio Expert Bosch, will explain the challenges and added value of sound reinforcement in stadiums. The importance of sound reinforcement in stadiums is often underestimated, which can result in fans experiencing a sound quality not matching with today’s expectations.


Sound reinforcement has to fulfill a wide range of functions and qualities:

  • Public address and voice alarm purpose focused on speech and understandability following national guidelines and life safety standards;
  • Press conference rooms, fan experience areas, VIP suites;
  • Main bowl of the stadium with ProSound systems for understandable announcements;
  • Multipurpose use and to transfer sport games into sport events


Oliver Sahm will talk about the requirements, regulations and standards with regards to the different areas of sound reinforcement in stadiums. To deliver a high quality sound reinforcement and a future proof stadium the architecture, room acoustics and functional requirements have to be taken into consideration.


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